Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to release our 2022 Impact Report, ‘Circular Solutions’ Supporting Communities.’

The report highlights the huge environmental and social benefits the circular economy can produce in the face of the climate and cost of living crises. It celebrates our members, who are ‘on the ground’ across the country, responding to changes in standards of living for communities, and providing life changing services, which protect the environment and have invaluable social outcomes.

CEO of Circular Communities Scotland Michael Cook states:

“This report contains several inspiring examples of how our members are delivering circular solutions to support their communities. Indeed, this year’s 38% increase in Circular Communities Scotland membership demonstrates that more groups are forming to deliver the circular economy we urgently need.

Looking ahead, we want to support our sector to navigate the cost-of-living crisis but also seize the significant opportunities of the pending Circular Economy Bill. We remain cleareyed about the dangers, but we must also be ready to seize the opportunities presented.”

Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity Ms. Lorna Slater states:

“After another turbulent year, the resilience of the circular third sector in responding to the challenges presented by Covid-19 followed so closely by the cost-of-living crisis has again been highlighted. The work of Circular Communities Scotland members is so important in mitigating the effects of the crisis, whether through food banks, facilitating reuse, or offering affordable alternatives to buying new – including building your Share and Repair Network which I am delighted the Scottish Government was able to support.”

Visit our report to read our CEO Michael and MSP Lorna Slater’s forwards in full.

The Circular Communities Scotland team would like to thank our members, for taking part in the research which formed the basis of this report, and to our individual members who provided case studies to share their resilience, ingenuity and care for their communities and the planet over the last 12 months: Ullapool Unpacked, Somebody Cares, Merry-Go-Round and Community Reuse Shop. Thanks also to our Reuse Consortium, Share and Repair Network and Affordable Access to Bikes Project.