We represent a thriving network of charities and social enterprises that supports Scotland’s circular economy.

At Circular Communities Scotland, we empower our national network of reuse, repair and recycling charities in two ways:

Representing our membership and the sector to a wide range of stakeholders

Supporting our membership and facilitating the growth of our sector in Scotland

As well as supporting and representing our members, we are also involved in projects and programmes to support the third sector, in pursuit of zero waste.

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Reuse Consortium

Reuse Consortium

Our Reuse Consortium offers Local Authorities and Housing Associations the opportunity to choose sustainable, affordable alternatives to buying new furniture and white goods for their residents, via the Scotland Excel Domestic Furniture and Furnishings Framework.

Visit our Reuse Consortium website.

Share & Repair Network

Our Share and Repair Network aims to support existing, and to encourage the establishment of new sharing libraries and repair projects across the country. The Share and Repair Network works to reduce consumption and cut waste in communities all over Scotland, contributing to Scottish Government’s ambition to achieve net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

Visit our Share and Repair Network website.

View our Share and Repair Network leaflet.

Share & Repair
Affordable Access to Bikes Project

Affordable Access to Bikes Project

The Affordable Access to Bikes project is ran by Circular Communities Scotland in partnership with Cycling Scotland.

This project aims to progress recommendations made in Affordable Access to Bikes Report, by working to remove barriers to bike reuse in Scotland. Research for the report was conducted by Enscape Consulting for Cycling Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.

Visit our Affordable Access to Bikes Article.


We represent and support over 250 repair, reuse and recycling charities and social enterprises across the country. Our members prevent valuable products and materials from ending up in landfill, create local jobs, economic opportunities, and help promote and create social and environmental justice in their communities.

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A huge thank you to our funders who make our work possible.

Our core work and network services are funded by Zero Waste Scotland.

Zero Waste Scotland

Our Share and Repair Network is funded by Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Government.

Our Affordable Access to Bikes Project is funded by Cycling Scotland.

Cycling Scotland

Our Pockets and Prospects Fund is funded by Scottish Community Alliance.

Scottish Community Alliance


  • Our vision is for a thriving circular economy in Scotland, with local communities benefiting from the social, environmental and economic outcomes.
  • Our mission, as a national network, is to support and represent organisations who are delivering greater levels of reuse, repair and recycling.


  • Trust and Integrity
  • Openness and Community
  • Environmental and Social Justice

Circular Communities Scotland is a Fair Work First Employer and supports the real living wage and effective voice conditions.

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