Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to announce our ‘Affordable Access to Bikes Project’, in partnership with and supported by Cycling Scotland.

This project aims to progress recommendations made in Affordable Access to Bikes Report, published in October 2021, by working to remove barriers to bike reuse in Scotland. Research for the report was conducted by Enscape Consulting for Cycling Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise, and was financed by Transport Scotland.

Many inspiring Circular Communities Scotland members work in bike repair, reuse, and recycling, and we are pleased to further extend our support to this section of the circular third sector.

The benefits of cycling extend across both social and environmental spheres, improving mental and physical health and wellbeing, offering low-risk and low-cost alternatives to public transport, and reducing car use, congestion, and pollution in our communities.

Bike reuse brings further benefits to our planet, as diverting bikes from landfill saves carbon, and impacts supply and demand, reducing the need for more bikes to be made new, from finite materials. The collection, repair and retail of reused bikes also creates green jobs and skills in the work force.

Circular Communities Scotland’s soon to be appointed Bike Reuse Coordinator will be responsible for taking forward this project with support from the rest of our team. The new Coordinator will support bike reuse organisations across the country, further establishing bike reuse collaboration, and help facilitate partnerships and collaborations across the sector. Ultimately, we hope this project will leave Scotland with better established routes to affordable access to bikes, a more resilient and empowered bike reuse sector, and an upskilled and engaged public in all things bike reuse

Kath Brough, Head of Behaviour Change at Cycling Scotland says…
‘Cycling Scotland is delighted to work in partnership with Circular Communities Scotland and support the bike reuse project. If we are to help more people choose to cycle, it’s vital that we make it easier to access affordable, suitable bikes. Increasing the number of people cycling for everyday journeys will support improved public health as well as tackle the climate emergency.’

Michael Cook, CEO of Circular Communities Scotland says…
‘At Circular Communities Scotland our vision is to see a more circular economy, with communities benefiting from the environmental, social, and economic impacts. The ‘Affordable Access to Bikes Project’ will allow us to work towards our vision, as cycling improves social and environmental justice for communities, by creating low cost, planet friendly transport. Bike reuse feeds into a circular model, helping us reduce carbon, and our reliance on creating brand new bikes from scratch. We are pleased to have received this funding from Cycling Scotland and look forward to making a real difference to bike reuse in our country.’

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