Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to welcome a new member of staff to our team.

Chris Sanderson joins us as our new National Bike Reuse Coordinator. With Chris’s support, Circular Communities Scotland is looking forward to further establishing our ‘Affordable Access to Bikes Project’, in partnership with and supported by Cycling Scotland.

This project aims to progress recommendations made in the Affordable Access to Bikes Report, published in October 2021, by working to remove barriers to bike reuse in Scotland. Research for the report was conducted by Enscape Consulting for Cycling Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise, and was financed by Transport Scotland.

Many inspiring Circular Communities Scotland members work in bike repair, reuse, and recycling, and we are pleased to further extend our support to this section of the circular third sector.

Chris says:

“Joining the Circular Communities Scotland team as National Bike Reuse Coordinator is a very exciting move for me. It unites several passions and I can’t wait to get started in the role. I am personally and professionally committed to keeping items in useful circulation for as long as possible. I’m also driven by social justice, my personal values and a desire to see everyone having affordable access to bikes.

My last role was as Development Manager with a community reuse charity (which runs a swap shop and furniture store) and I was also previously a trustee of another reuse organisation. Prior to this, I had a senior capacity building role within a local authority’s Community Services and had previously worked for two national organisations focusing on training, volunteering and improving access to services.

I have always volunteered alongside working and the main link between my different life experiences and contributions is my deeply held conviction that both people and planet benefit when we share our time, our skills and our things.”

Email to be introduced to Chris and find out more about our ‘Affordable Access to Bikes Project’. Please note Chris starts with us February 6th 2023.