Circular Communities Scotland is pleased to publish the Summary Report of our ‘Circular Economy Carbon Tool Feasibility Study’.

The extensive research used to reach the study’s findings includes investigating the current carbon tool opportunities for the community reuse sector, a Circular Communities Scotland membership survey, a bespoke workshop and discussions with potential stakeholders and funders.

The study found that there is not currently ‘one (carbon) tool that covers reuse, repair and sharing’, but there are significant benefits of monitoring carbon for the community circular economy sector, including ‘a better understanding of the impact of their organisation on the environment, opportunities to lower energy or waste costs, as well as an opportunity to communicate the positive impact of their work.’

Development of a carbon tool will be key to ensure the circular third sector in Scotland is able to demonstrate its meaningful impact on climate, and access much needed funding to support its work.

Historically the community reuse sector has focused on reporting tonnages diverted from landfill to demonstrate its impact, however, ‘as Scotland moves towards monitoring carbon as a truer measure of the impacts of goods and services it consumes, it is considered likely that the reuse sector will also need to learn the language of carbon.’

‘Without such a tool it is difficult for the circular community sector to demonstrate the environmental impacts they have as clearly as say green energy or green transport. This in turn means that the charitable resources sector does not attract its share of funding. For this reason, the Environmental Funders Network has referred to the waste and resources sector as the “Cinderella issue” of sustainable funding.’

It is with this in mind that Circular Communities Scotland is pleased to promote a Carbon Tool specifically built to support and benefit Scotland’s circular third sector. Our team is excited about moving this forward in the year ahead and will be seeking funding to resource a Carbon Tool for our sector as a key next step.

If you would like to read the complete ‘Circular Economy Carbon Tool Feasibility Study’ please email