The charity sector’s only dedicated vehicle fleet management specialists. For charities that want to run a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle fleet.

Advanced ‘Connected Technology’ telematics, EPOS integration, vehicle leasing and driver training and accreditation to help you drive every penny of value from your vehicle fleet.

    • Fuel savings of up to 20% – with real-time job and route optimisation and live vehicle tracking
    • Wear, tear and fuel savings of up to 25% – with real-time live tracking and weekly KPI reports on driver performance and efficiency
    • 25% insurance premiums reductions – smart, real-time coaching that keep your drivers safe, vehicles safe and insurance low
    • Scheduled maintenance and MOTs – so you’re always legally compliant
    • Up to 70% increase in Gift Aid penetration – with automatic Gift aid consent capture and EPOS integration
    • Emissions offset – our ‘Just One Tree’ initiative offsets carbon emissions to make every mile you drive carbon neutral
    • Real time driver assessment – telematics enabled driver compliance/audit

Charity Fleetcare – the charity fleet cost and efficiency specialists.

For further information contact:

Ron: 07449 183475 /
Lesley Prescott: 07796 173962 /