Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to release our 2023 Impact Report, ‘Uniting for a Circular Scotland.’

The report encourages unification across all political, social and economic divides to advocate for a more circular economy in Scotland. As the climate crisis deepens and the cost of living continues to rise, it’s more important than ever that we come together to make meaningful and impactful change. Our Impact Report celebrates amazing examples of partnership working that show the strength and power that comes with cooperating for a greater cause, and showcases our members’ incredible work in Scotland’s circular third sector.

CEO of Circular Communities Scotland Michael Cook states:

“In this Impact Report, you’ll read stories about the public, private and third sectors working together, money making enterprises collaborating with the arts, and diverse groups mixing with a common goal for greater reuse, repair, and recycling. You’ll also be inspired by the work of our members, who continue to provide innovative, engaging environmental projects under increasing pressure of the cost of living, cost of running and housing crises.

We believe that there is the will, from all sides, to make a more circular economy in Scotland, and strongly urge our policy makers to look beyond short-term disagreements and find the courage to join forces to bring real environmental and social justice to our planet and communities.”

Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity Ms. Lorna Slater states:

“I congratulate the Circular Communities Scotland network on another year of delivering positive social and environmental benefits for communities across our country. The work of Circular Communities Scotland and its members could not be more important given the challenging financial situation that so many households face. It is great to see the work you continue to deliver through your reuse and repair projects, whether it involves furniture, tools and bikes or other items. You’ve identified collaboration as an important aspect of your activity this year and I firmly believe in the importance of everyone working together if we are to make progress on the circular economy.”

Visit our report to read our CEO Michael and MSP Lorna Slater’s forwards in full.

The Circular Communities Scotland team would like to thank our members, for taking part in the research which formed the basis of this report, and to our individual members who provided case studies to share their incredibly collaborative projects to promote a more circular economy in Scotland: Glasgow Wood, South Seed’s Southside Tool Library, CycleHub.Org and Four Square‘s Edinburgh Furniture Initiative. Thanks also to our Reuse Consortium, Share and Repair Network and Affordable Access to Bikes Project.