Fair Work First Statement

Jointly agreed by Circular Communities Scotland and a nominated staff representative.

Circular Communities Scotland is committed to advancing the Fair Work First criteria, including the real living wage and effective voice conditions. Circular Communities Scotland demonstrates its commitment to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy by confirmation of the following:


  • Payment of the real Living Wage

The bottom of our pay scale reflects the current real Living Wage rate for all directly employed staff. Circular Communities Scotland does not employ individuals in any other capacity.


  • Appropriate channels for effective voice

Circular Communities Scotland encourages a strong culture of openness and transparency, and the acceptance of different viewpoints in the workplace. A range of voice channels exist, providing staff with the opportunity to share their voice on decisions that will affect them within the organisation. For example,

    • Monthly in-person team meetings provide an opportunity for collective consultation and dialogue.
    • Regular one-to-ones between staff and line managers allow staff to have open and transparent relationships, providing opportunities for dialogue and professional development.


  • Investment in workforce development

Circular Communities Scotland supports the personal and professional development of staff, and provides opportunities for team learning, as well as individual training budgets for staff to use throughout each year.


  • No inappropriate use of zero hours contracts

All staff at Circular Communities Scotland are employed on open-ended or fixed-term contracts with confirmed hours and work patterns.


  • Action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Circular Communities Scotland is committed to reducing the gender pay gap and to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace in the following ways:

    • Circular Communities Scotland strives to ensure our Board of Directors is gender balanced and that this is reflected throughout the recruitment process for both staff and board.
    • Circular Communities Scotland sets salaries based on a transparent and consistent pay scale.
    • Flexible working is encouraged across the organisation from day one of employment.


  • Offer flexible and family friendly working practices for all workers from day one of employment

Circular Communities Scotland supports its workforce as a flexible work employer. We have an extensive Flexible Working Policy which encourages staff to choose their place and hours of work in discussion with line managers. Circular Communities Scotland also provides a variety of wellbeing leave options for staff, including dependency leave and mental health days, so that staff are better able to balance their work and personal lives.


  • We oppose the use of fire and rehire practices.