At Circular Communities Scotland, we believe in the transformative power of a circular economy to create a more sustainable and socially just Scotland.

Our campaign ‘Continuing Our Call for a Strong and Ambitious Circular Economy Bill’ maintains our message to the Scottish Government – put bold reuse policies at the heart of Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill.

The Scottish Government has long supported moving to a circular economy, but we believe progress has been too slow. If Scotland is to achieve its net zero target by 2045, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 75% by 2030.

Zero Waste Scotland have estimated that 82% of our carbon footprint is driven by consumption.

Now is the time for meaningful action!

Read our full Policy Paper for Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill 2023

What is the Circular Economy Bill? The Scottish Government published updates to its proposed Circular Economy Bill on June 13th 2023. This legislation aims to redefine how waste and resources are managed in Scotland.

What is the Circular Economy? We believe we can help tackle the climate emergency and promote social and environmental justice for communities across Scotland by supporting a shift from the linear economy to a circular economy. In a circular economy we keep products in high value economic use for as long as possible through reuse, repair and recycling.

Our Success so Far

This year we’re continuing our call for a strong and ambitious Circular Economy Bill, publishing our Policy Paper for Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill 2023, which highlights our three main policy asks: reuse targets, restrictions on the disposal of unsold consumer goods, and statutory code of practise to prioritise reuse over recycling.

We have represented our membership by responding to the Scottish Parliament Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee Circular Economy Bill consultation, asking for meaningful legislative change that will support and promote reuse as part of a strong circular economy in Scotland.

The consultation is still open until September 1st 2023. Submit your own response to the consultation by clicking this link.

Our Key Focus Areas

As we continue to advocate for a strong and ambitious Circular Economy Bill, we have identified three key areas that we believe are essential to achieving our circular economy goals.

On behalf of our membership, Circular Communities Scotland is calling for the bill to include:

  1. Strong Reuse Targets with Investment to Reach Them

We welcome the Bill including powers for the setting of national and local circular economy targets.  We call for these powers to be affirmed in the Bill.

To achieve these targets, appropriate guidance must be provided to support local authorities and organisations in expanding reuse provision across Scotland.

  1. Restrictions on Disposal of Unsold Consumer Goods

We are pleased that provisions to restrict the disposal of unused goods remain within the bill. Circular Communities Scotland recommends these restrictions place a clear emphasis on adhering to the waste hierarchy.

  1. Statutory Code of Practice to Prioritise Reuse Over Recycling

We welcome the proposal to set the code of practice for recycling on a statutory footing, however the code of practice needs to be reviewed to ensure it fully prioritises reuse provision over recycling. The current co-design process set out in the forthcoming Route Map should review and improve the code of practice on this basis.

Get Involved

The journey towards a circular economy requires collective effort, and your support is instrumental in driving meaningful change.




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