We are proud to present our report The Creative Industries in Scotland: Embracing the Circular Economy funded by Creative Scotland. The report ‘considers the extent to which the creative industries (in Scotland) are embracing the circular economy’ and follows extensive interviews with key organisations and stakeholders across the sector.

The arts and hard-won societal transformations have long gone hand in hand, and the climate emergency is one of humanities most significant and urgent challenges.

Transitioning to a more circular economy is an important step to keep materials in use for longer, reducing emissions and our reliance on finite natural resources. The Scottish Government has long been vocal about its commitment to address climate change, including the ambitious net-zero emissions target for 2045.

Scotland’s ‘incredibly diverse’ creative sector stretches far beyond our borders, ‘with many internationally recognised organisations and events, in addition to multiple award-winning artists, creators, performers, designers, producers and makers.’ It has great potential to support Scotland’s ambition to reach Net Zero – and the report shows some bright examples of creative and arts-based organisations in Scotland, embracing their environmental responsibility and working towards a more circular economy.

As well as highlighting strengths in the sector, the report also recognises challenges, current limitations, and barriers, whilst also highlighting the extensive and knowledgeable support available for creative organisations looking to improve their environmental impact.

‘In essence this report represents a celebration of a sample of creative organisations who have made progress in achieving or committing to more circular ways of operating, shining a light on their success, and incentivising those who have yet to start on this journey.’

Case studies featured in the report include Ostrero, Music Broth, Fife Contemporary, Re-Set Scenery, PANEL, Citizens Theatre, Creative Crieff and Remake Scotland, Circular Arts Network, Applied Arts Scotland, Remode Youth and Festival Edinburgh.

We highly recommend reading about how these inspiring organisations are thoughtfully and passionately committing to a sustainable and circular approach to their work, with significant benefits for their members, stakeholders, and communities across Scotland.

From these case studies and thorough research, Circular Communities Scotland propose a call to action to drive forward circularity in the sector and several ways to quickly and effectively see this ambition come to fruition.

Read the report in full – download the Creative Industries in Scotland: Embracing the Circular Economy.