Starter Packs Networking Forum

Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to host this digital Starter Packs Networking Forum.

Many of our Starter Pack Members are helping to tackle the cost of living and housing crisis by supporting more community members than ever before. This Networking Forum is designed to enable these specialist members to meet, engage, and exchange good practice principles with similar projects.

Attendees will have the opportunity to spend time with their peers in the sector, to network and share the challenges and successes of their project’s work.

During our ‘Conversations with Members’ section, several members will talk exclusively about their work, sharing insight into their experiences of the current climate for Starter Pack projects in Scotland. We’re looking forward to hearing from Starter Packs Glasgow, Recycling First, Trust in Fife and Fresh Start Moray. Important topics will be covered such as concerns around increasing demand in the current political and social climate, and managing these ongoing supply and demand issues.

In addition we will host two short individual presentations, from our member Fresh Start Edinburgh as well as from InKind Direct, an organisation which works with charitable organisations and companies to ensure everyone has access to the products they need to keep clean, safe and well.

There will be an opportunity for all attendees to share updates on their work, if they wish.  The breakout session will facilitate debate and discussion on relevant issues such as creating a network to share starter pack goods between projects, and ensuring staff and volunteers working in the warehouses are kept connected to those that receive packs, so that they are reminded of the impact they are having.

Register for this online event, here.

Read the Starter Packs Networking Forum Agenda in full.


Sep 13 2023


9:30 am - 11:30 am


Online Event
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