Circular Communities Scotland was honoured to host a two-day ‘study tour’ with delegates from Scandinavia and the Baltic States, in collaboration with the Circular Based Waste Management project, funded by EEA and Norway Grants, from Tuesday September 27th to Wednesday 28th of September 2022.

Our guests travelled to learn about our work supporting our membership, and our aspiration to create a more thriving circular economy in Scotland, with communities benefiting from the environmental and social impacts.

Throughout the study tour, delegates visited a number of Circular Communities Scotland members, and learnt about their work providing alternatives to buying new to their local communities, through reuse, repair and recycling activities.

The tour including visits to Edinburgh Remakery, Move on Wood Recycling, Fresh Start, Edinburgh Furniture Initiative, Recyke a Bike, Transition Stirling Reuse Hub and Zero Waste Scotland.

Take a look at some photos below:

Edinburgh Remakery

Move on Wood

Fresh Start

Recyke a Bike

Transition Stirling Reuse Hub

A huge thanks to everyone involved in this project. Circular Communities Scotland is always pleased to be able to share expertise and knowledge about the circular third sector in Scotland, as well as it’s vital environmental and social impacts for people and communities across the country.

If you would like to organise a study tour of our members, learn more about this visit, or talk about our work, email