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Share and Repair Network Survey and Workshops Report

By |19 April 2022|

Circular Communities Scotland Share and Repair Network Survey and Workshops Report.

Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025

By |28 March 2022|

Circular Communities Scotland Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025.

Impact Report 2021; Embracing a Circular Future

By |24 November 2021|

Circular Communities Scotland Impact Report 2021

Trustee Report and Accounts 2021

By |2 November 2021|

Circular Communities Scotland Trustee Report and Accounts 2021

Supporter Leaflet

By |2 November 2021|

Find out about the benefits of supporting Circular Communities Scotland

Membership Leaflet

By |1 November 2021|

Find out about the benefits of joining Circular Communities Scotland

Embracing the Circular Economy: Creative Industries Report

By |1 November 2021|

Our report ‘The Creative Industries in Scotland: Embracing the Circular Economy’ funded by Creative Scotland.

Supporting Scottish Communities during Covid-19

By |17 November 2020|

In this impact report we tell the story of Scottish community resource organisations supporting their communities during Covid-19.  Together CRNS members are working for a Fairer Scotland and a Greener World.

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Community Resources Sector

By |31 March 2020|

A summary of the Impact Covid-19 was having on our members following a telephone survey in March 2020.

Local Solutions to the Global Climate Emergency (PDF)

By |1 November 2019|

Impact Report on how the community resources sector is delivering a more circular economy in Scotland. The report highlights how we are responding to global and national priorities at a local level.

CRNS Strategic Plan  2019-2022 (PDF)

By |1 March 2019|

This plan sets our priorities and direction for the next three years (2019-22).  In particular we focus on our 4 key goals: to support our membership, demonstrate impact, communicate our vision and secure resources.

CRNS Reuse Consortium Impact Report (PDF)

By |1 October 2019|

In less than 3 years the CRNS Reuse Consortium has provided approximately 11,000 items of quality reuse furniture, equating to over 500 tonnes diverted from landfill.

CRNS Membership Infographic (PDF)

By |7 May 2019|

Summary information from our 2019 membership survey.

CRNS Strategic Plan Executive Summary (PDF)

By |1 March 2019|

Executive Summary of our 3 year strategic plan (2019 – 22)

CRNS Membership Survey (PDF)

By |1 February 2019|

Comprehensive data on all our full member organisations. We are sharing this report widely as we want this information to be used by our sector to demonstrate the collective strength and value of our activities within Scotland’s wider resource management landscape.

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