Circular Communities Scotland welcomes the publication of Scotland’s proposed Circular Economy Bill.

The Scottish Government published its proposed Circular Economy Bill on June 13th 2023. This legislation aims to redefine how waste and resources are managed in Scotland.

Included in the Bill are provisions for publishing a circular economy strategy, circular economy targets and restrictions on the disposal of unsold consumer goods. Circular Communities Scotland strongly supports the principles behind these provisions, and looks forward to completing a further analysis of the Bill alongside our policy partners, which we will publish in due course.

Last year, Circular Communities Scotland campaigned for a strong and ambitious Circular Economy Bill, outlining detailed meaningful and concrete policy asks. As an organisation we will continue to represent our membership and to do what we can to ensure the Bill is as strong and ambitious as possible.

The 2023 proposed Circular Economy Bill Policy Memorandum states:

‘The Scottish Government recognises that sustainable consumption and production are essential for Scotland’s transition to a low-carbon and green economy, which will meet Scotland’s obligations to tackle the twin climate and nature emergencies. Material consumption and waste are primary drivers of nearly every environmental problem Scotland currently faces, from water scarcity to habitat and species loss. Estimates suggest around four fifths of Scotland’s carbon footprint comes from the products and services we manufacture, use and throw away. A circular economy gives us an alternative economic model that can benefit everyone within the limits of our planet.’

We would encourage everyone with an interest in more circular Scotland to read the Bill and the accompanying guidance notes.

Michael Cook, CEO of Circular Communities Scotland states:

“We welcome the publication of the proposed Circular Economy Bill. Scotland urgently needs to move to a circular economy and this Bill can be an important step towards this. We call on all policymakers to move faster not slower, be more ambitious not less, to create the change we urgently need.

Scotland can still lead the way towards a sustainable future where circularity is at the core of policy making and one that can combat the climate emergency that we all face.

We will continue to work with our members and stakeholders to push for this Bill to be as bold as we know it needs to be to make the difference needed to deliver on the Bill’s aspirations.”