Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to launch our new Share and Repair Network Leaflet, detailing how share and repair projects across the country can ‘Join the Share and Repair Revolution’.

The leaflet outlines the network’s vision for every community in Scotland to benefit from access to sharing libraries and repair projects, and its mission to support and represent sharing libraries and repair projects across Scotland.

Inside, you can also find a list of benefits available to share and repair projects who decide to join the network, from specialist and developmental support, communications, representation, events, training, joint procurement as well as set up guides and FAQs for new projects who are finding their feet.

We announced we were looking forward to setting up and overseeing the Share and Repair Network, supported by Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland, late last year, in partnership with Edinburgh Tool Library and Edinburgh Remakery.

The Share and Repair Network aims to significantly increase sharing and repair facilities across the country, in order to reduce consumption and offer Scottish communities sustainable and affordable alternatives to buying new. This aligns directly with our vision to see a thriving circular economy in Scotland, with communities benefiting from the social, environmental and economic impacts.

The network is made up of two core groups, sharing libraries and repair projects, who are united in their cause to bring reuse to the heart of how we consume and use goods.

“For Scotland to combat climate change, we each need to change our own consumption behaviours. Sharing libraries and repair projects provide simple and effective solutions to do this whilst reducing our carbon footprint. We are proud to support the sector by running the network and hope to significantly grow the number of these projects in Scotland.”

Michael Cook, CEO, Circular Communities Scotland.

“The Share and Repair Network really is revolutionary. It’s the first of its kind in Scotland, and our members are helping transform how we think about and consume goods. There is so much heart in everything they do for the environment and their local communities. It’s an honour to support and celebrate their work.”

Emma Erwin, Share and Repair Network Coordinator.

If you already run a share or repair project and would like to join the Share and Repair Network, simply fill out this form or email our Share and Repair Coordinator to learn more,