Do YOU want to feel good about the way you shop this winter?

It’s normal to feel unsure about the impact your purchases are having on the planet… but there is a way to shop that doesn’t cost the earth!

Circular charities and social enterprises across Scotland offer amazing goods and services that benefit the environment, social causes and local communities.

From pre-loved fashion, to upcycled homeware, goods made of salvaged materials and beautiful bespoke items, there is an amazing array of incredible gifts to choose from.

You can even repair beloved items instead of replacing them or borrow goods instead of buying new to help you decorate or celebrate.

Find peace of mind when you buy this holiday season. #ShopCircular.

Get involved today!

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You might choose to shop reuse, repair an item instead of replacing it, borrow an item if you only need to use it once, make your own gifts through charitable workshops, volunteer time instead of money, or simply donate in your or a loved one’s name.

You can walk away from your shopping feeling positive about your purchases, their impact on the planet and local communities in Scotland.

What is #ShopCircular?

#ShopCircular is all about circular consumption, where we keep materials in circulation for as long as possible. That means saving quality reuse, pre-loved items from landfill and upcycling, borrowing and repairing, too!

Why is Reuse Better than New?

Buying pre-loved, upcycled, borrowed and repaired items all save waste. Why? You’re saving these items from landfill and reducing demand on new products from the earth’s natural resources.

Why does Shopping Circular Give Me Peace of Mind?

Shopping sustainably gives you peace of mind because you know your purchases aren’t costing the earth.

Buying from a local charity or social enterprise also benefits local communities in Scotland. Money made from charities go to the causes they support, and social enterprises use money made to continue to fund their work.

You can support issues like homelessness, human and children’s rights, poverty, education and much more. Take a look at our members map to find circular charities that support communities and causes near you.

#ShopCircular for Peace of Mind is a national Scottish campaign that encourages sustainable consumption through circular charities and social enterprises, helping you feel reassured and positive about your consumption this holiday season.