Everything that Aberdeen based Instant Neighbour does is about reducing poverty for local people.

In a nutshell…

Our shops and social enterprises generate income that we use to support local people.

The story so far…

Over the last 34 years we have set up shops to sell reuse furniture. We also run three social enterprises that provide joinery, removal services and carpet laying. And then we use the income to benefit people in need.

So what happens?

There’s a lot going on. We offer low-cost, high-quality, cleaned & tested nearly-new furniture & electrical items to members of the local community through our shops.

Each Christmas we give away over 9,000 gifts to children who would otherwise go without a gift at Christmas.

We give families access to nappies, baby food, affordable and safe baby care and childcare equipment.

And we provide emergency food parcels containing tinned and non-perishable food to individuals who require urgent assistance.

We also provide reuse furniture to the local authority through the CRNS Reuse Consortium.

We rely on the kind donations from members of the public to allow us to continue to help those in need living in and around Aberdeen.

The difference we make

Our services benefit the environment as well as local people. Over 200 tonnes of goods are recycled and 160 tonnes of goods reused.

All of those goods and the services we provide are helping to end homelessness and improve conditions for people living in poverty.

For example our Community Connector has assisted people to access an additional £176,000 of benefits they were entitled to.

What matters to us?

We offer people ‘real help today, hope for tomorrow’ and work hard to alleviate poverty along the way.

Sophy Green
CEO, Instant Neighbour