Circular Communities Scotland is pleased to present our new Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025.

Our new strategic plan comes at a critical time – for Circular Communities Scotland, our members, and Scotland as a whole.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted so much over the last two years and the need for a strong recovery is essential. Similarly, climate change and the need to move to Net Zero through responsible consumption and implementing more circular behaviours is more urgent than ever before.

These twin crises create both a threat and an opportunity:

• On one hand, there is a real threat to our sector as our members risk suffering long-term scarring from the pandemic. Supporting recovery needs to be a key focus of our member services over the next three years.

• More positively, the policy opportunity presented by the expected Circular Economy Bill and wider policy discussions, creates a once in a generation opportunity for progress towards responsible consumption and greater adoption of circular behaviours at the top of the waste hierarchy. This prize must be the core focus of our sector representation ambitions going forward.

Circular Communities Scotland is uniquely positioned to respond at this critical moment. Our new name and brand, places us centrally to both circular economy policy discussions and the local, community-based response to climate emergency.

Our rapidly growing membership positions us strongly and we are increasingly being seen as a trusted partner and sector voice with Scottish policymakers. Lastly, as an organisation our foundations are strong with an excellent board, experienced staff team, committed CEO, stronger systems and processes and more diversified and sustainable finances.

From this perspective we have set a bold and ambitious strategic plan for the next three years.

Our vision is for a thriving circular economy in Scotland, with local communities benefiting from the social, environmental, and economic outcomes. This strategic plan has been carefully prepared to deliver the greatest progress on this journey towards a circular economy in Scotland and we commend it to you.

The four key pillars of this plan are shown in the following matrix.

Our core role is to support and represent the circular communities’ sector. We will grow and build this over the next three years as follows:

1. Member Services – we will review and strengthen our events, communications, and support programmes considering the impact of Covid-19. We will add stronger thematic support (starting with sharing libraries and repair cafes). We will increase the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our Reuse Consortium.

2. Sector Representation – we will continue to call for a strong and ambitious Circular Economy Bill with a top-down approach to the waste hierarchy alongside other policy developments.

Beyond our core services we are looking to innovate strongly in two key areas:

3. Carbon Benefits – we will support greater carbon literacy in our sector thereby more effectively communicating individual and collective environmental impact.

4. Storytelling – we will work with our members to tell the story of our sector and campaign for consumption reduction and more circular behaviours.

The staff and board of Circular Communities Scotland look forward to working with you over the next three years to deliver this plan.

Download our full Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025 here.