Circular Communities Scotland and our members welcome the Scottish Government’s consultation for the Scottish Circular Economy Bill, and are calling for the bill to be as strong and ambitious as possible.

We are delighted to release our ‘Policy Paper for Scotland’s Circular Economy’ in response to the consultation launch.

The Scottish Government has long supported moving to a circular economy, but we believe progress has been too slow. If Scotland is to achieve its net zero target by 2045, we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 75% by 2030.

Zero Waste Scotland have estimated that 82% of our carbon footprint is driven by consumption.

Now is the time for meaningful action, with bold reuse policies that tackle consumption at the heart of Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill.

On behalf of our membership, Circular Communities Scotland is calling for the bill to include:

• National reuse targets to help local authorities prioritise reuse over recycling.

• A statutory agency for the circular economy – a strong public body with responsibility to deliver faster and more ambitious transition to a circular economy.

• Statutory requirements for reuse facilities to ensure consistent reuse provision across Scotland.

• Investing in local authority recycling centres to deliver adequate and effective set aside for reuse provision.

• Investment in reuse and repair projects to grow reuse and repair provision in Scotland.

• Embrace right to repair to increase the lifespan of products.

• Extend producer responsibility to engage thoughtfully with re-use activities and practises.

• Ban unnecessary product destruction to stop waste and provide quality products for reuse organisations.

• Circular public procurement to embed circular practises into public sector tendering and procurement.

• Phase out single use products to avoid unnecessary waste.

These policy recommendations support our members, and our vision for a thriving circular economy in Scotland, with local communities benefiting from the social, environmental, and economic outcomes.



If you’re a Circular Communities Scotland member or supporter member, and you want reuse to be at the heart of Scotland’s Circular Economy Bill, show your support and sign our Policy Paper for Scotland’s Circular Economy.

Sign our Policy Paper for Scotland’s Circular Economy here.

We will share your support of our call to action by bringing it directly to Government.

This is a unique and meaningful opportunity to bring a more Circular Economy to Scotland. Show your support today.

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