Circular Communities Scotland is delighted to welcome a new staff member to our team.

Jeni Mackay is joining us as our new Bike Reuse Coordinator. With Jeni’s support, Circular Communities Scotland is looking forward to setting up our ‘Affordable Access to Bikes Project’, in partnership with and supported by Cycling Scotland.

This project aims to progress recommendations made in Affordable Access to Bikes Report, published in October 2021, by working to remove barriers to bike reuse in Scotland. Research for the report was conducted by Enscape Consulting for Cycling Scotland, Zero Waste Scotland and Scottish Enterprise, and was financed by Transport Scotland.

Many inspiring Circular Communities Scotland members work in bike repair, reuse, and recycling, and we are pleased to further extend our support to this section of the circular third sector.

We are delighted to add Jeni, who is a successful academic in the fields of feminist and political ecology, to our team.

Jeni says:

“I cant think of a job I would love to do more than this one, zero waste and reuse, and bikes! The humble bike is at the centre of helping create circular  economy and is key in-terms of creating solutions to waste reduction, active travel, health and well being, it makes so much sense! Yet still many bikes are left unused because of needing repairs and parts unused.

Having worked in the community sector for nearly 20 years, including with CRNS at the beginning of its inception, I am continually inspired by the work that communities around the world do to tackle climate change, our waste problem and providing solutions. I previously worked for SEAD (Scottish Education and Acton for Development) managing community climate change projects. My last position was as a lecturer in sociology at Queen Margaret University specialising in environmental justice, political ecology, gender and environment and community based education. I am also approaching my last year doing a part-time PhD specialising in feminist political ecology of community waste initiatives in India and Scotland.

I am also a very keen cyclist, Mountain biking and cycling with my young family has led me to get involved with the Active Travel programme in our local school and also my Low Traffic neighbourhood community group. I believe that communities, groups, small enterprises often have the most innovating and inspiring solutions to our climate problems which lead me to Circular Communities Scotland in the first place and my research. I cant wait to get started.”

if you are interested in speaking to Jeni and learn more about our Affordable Access to Bikes Project, email